Our Story

Situated on the Northeast border of Mecox Bay and the northern end of Swan Creek on New York’s eastern Long Island, Mecox Bay Dairy began operations in 2003. It is where Art and Stacy Ludlow and their sons Peter and John are producing artisanal cheeses from their small herd of Jersey cows.

The fourth generation farmers ceased growing potatoes in 2001 to pursue their dream of creating premium artisanal cheeses for the sophisticated palates of the home owners and visitors from nearby urban areas.

Mecox Bay Dairy proudly offers a washed rind tomme, a natural rind tomme, a soft ripened white/gray rind cheese, and a gruyere style cheese. A cheddar is now in the experimental, or sampling, stage.

The raw milk cheeses are aged for a minimum of 61 days and present unique flavors derived from the rich soil and the sweet bay and ocean breezes. They are hand made with whole milk in small batches which makes them characteristic of farmstead artisanal cheeses. Seasonal variations in the cheeses are evident as the cows’ diet changes from grass in the summer to hay in the winter.

We invite you to visit us and treat yourself to a taste sensation of the highest order!

Shawondasee -mold ripened, aged 4-5 months, this semi hard cheese is named for a Native American word meaning “prevailing southwest wind.” It has a subtle mild “nutty” flavor which pairs well with fruit. It is made in 8” diameter, 4” thick wheels. When allowed to dry further, it becomes excellent for grating

Mecox Sunrise – washed rind semi hard cheese aged for 2-4 months, named for its characteristic orange rind. Has a more intense flavor than Shawondasee. It is made in 7” diameter, 2” thick wheels. Mecox Sunrise was awarded second place in its category at the 2004 American Cheese Society annual competition in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Atlantic Mist – these 4” diameter by 1½” thick discs are rich, creamy and delicious with a white and gray rind produced by P. candidum and P. album molds.

Sigit – at least 8 months in the aging room makes this our oldest and most flavorful hard cheese. A complex texture and developed flavors yields a unique taste, reminiscent of a gruyere style cheese.

Cheddar – still in the experimental stage, this cheese is currently aged at seven months. It has a typical cheddar flavor with a nice creamy finish, slightly sweet rather than sharp due to its youth.